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I got Slurred Speech Vomiting and dizziness in the morning.

transient ishemic attach TIA


My partner is 24 and this morning got up for work and felt fine but 15 minutes later when leaving stumbled because he felt dizzy. He walked to his car and sat down for 10 minutes before feeling better. When he got to work he felt dizzy again and had double vision so went and laid down for about 5 minutes before getting back up only to be still dizzy, double vision and feeling nauseous. He decided to come home from work and messaged me to let me know and mentioned he found it really hard to send a message. When he got home he stumbled a bit before laying down and when he spoke to me he had slurred speech and sounded drunk. I went to work and when I returned 9 hours later his speech was still slurred and he had vomited twice. He was still feeling a bit dizzy and still has a bit of double vision but not as bad as it started. He said he has slept all day and feels very tired and when he closes his eyes he feels better. It's now been 15 hours no dizziness but still slurry speech and blurry vision. I've looked up the symptoms online and will be going to see a doctor tomorrow and will be asking him about TIA is there anything else I should be looking into?


A. Hi, yes it looks like TIA, he is pretty young. Did he get any head injury in the past (up to past 6 months)? But he should do all the tests, and if possible arrange a CT scan of head, chest X-ray, echocardiography and limb Doppler scan to rule out any causes of TIA, full blood count, LFTs and bleeding and clotting profile. Okay. But i would advice you not to take it lightly and get a CT done. Is there's any thing else you want to know feel free to write us.

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  1. it seems that he has posterior circulation insufficiency
    could be due to arteriovenous aneurysm , thrombus, embolism or demyeilinated diseases, MRI BRAIN , THROMBOPHILIC SCREEN IS RECOMENDED AS WELL AS HOLTER STUDY


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