mucocoele, bump inside lower lip

Bumps inside lower lips is a common condition which is present in many individuals. Many Individuals try to find out what is it and what has caused this? Is it a boil, node, or something serious like cancer?

Well the answer to this question is, most of the times the bumps inside lower lip are not serious. These bumps are produced by retention of fluid under the mucous membrane. These are called retention cysts or mucocoele. It occurs when duct of mucous gland or accessory salivary gland is blocked. Fluid is collected under the mucosa and appear as whitish, pinkish, bluish or yellowish bump on inside of lower lip. These are treated by decapping or draining.

These cysts are more common inside the lower lips but can also occur anywhere in mouth or pharynx. Small cysts don’t cause any problem and remain asymptomatic but larger cysts in pharynx may cause dysphagia (causes of dysphagia) and respiratory obstruction. Cyst can be single or multiple.

Sometimes these cyst rupture spontaneously and heal without scarring.

But one should see a doctor at least for one time, to make sure the condition is not serious.

bump inside lower lip, retention cyst

Prevention of Bumps on inside of lower lips.

  1. Maintain good oral hygiene.
  2. Brush your teeth regularly.
  3. Use good quality harmless and side effects free mouth wash


Other Conditions which produce bumps inside lower lip and mouth:

Mucocoele must be differentiated from aphthous ulcers, Lipomas, tumors of minor salivary
glands, abscess and hemangiomas. Tumors of minor salivary glands and lipomas present no fluctuation while cysts, mucoceles, abscess and hemangiomas do. Mucoceles
are mobile lesions with soft and elastic consistency depending on how much tissue is present over the lesion

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