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Q: Do i have a Brain aneurysm? Health Advice

brain aneurysm, causes, risk factors Q: Hi there may be the dumb question I am so terrified of having a brain aneurysm I heard of two people that died instantly of them I read you could have weak arteries your whole life and not know is this true? Would my doctor be able to tell if I do by blood pressure or taking my pulse? Thank you

Answer: Well if someone died of a brain aneurysm, it doesn’t mean that you will surely have that particular disease. In brain aneurysm, an abnormally dilated artery is present in the brain, which may put pressure on the surrounding healthy brain, this continuous pressure damages the brain. This result in certain symptoms, like headache, blurred vision, ataxia, loss of balance, syncope, weakness of a particular area of the body, slurred speech etc. These symptoms alarm a patient that something is wrong with him and he or she goes to a doctor. Sometimes, brain aneurysm grows rapidly and may rupture, (ruptured aneurysm) which may lead to sudden death.

If you are a healthy person, and you don’t have any of the neurological symptoms, then why are you wasting your time in thinking about brain aneurysm? If someone has it, he may have some predisposing or inherited factors.

Eat Healthily, eat low saturated fat diet, exercise regularly, maintain your weight and think positively, avoid smoking and alcohol, be happy, this will help to prevent a brain aneurysm.

and brain aneurysm can't be diagnosed by merely checking the pulse or blood pressure. For these specialized tests like CT scan and MRI are done.
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