Dr. Kashif Rauf Medicotips Dr. Kashif Rauf had graduated from Khyber Medical University in 2012.
He joined Medicotips.com when he was a newly admitted medical student in early 2008.
He took keen interest in website development and had paid special interest. For website development, he took several online web development courses used them in the development of this website.

Dr. Kashif Rauf was born on 12th September 1989. He completed his early education in his native village Baffa, Pakistan. Then he moved to Mansehra district and passed matriculation and intermediate education with distinction that helped him to get an enrollment in a medical institute in late 2007,

Dr. Rauf is working as Emergency Medicine Resident in King Abdullah Hospital Mansehra since 2014.

Honorable Dr. Kashif Rauf played a great role in the development of this wonderful website.

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