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The case of the month Instructions: Watch in full screen for a better view: exit the full screen when the video ask for the name and email address as a flash player doesn't accept keyboard input in full screen
Every month a clinical case is posted. This clinical case is discussed with possible answers. This case "A 35-year-old female delivered a healthy baby 15 days back presented with drowsiness for 2 days. On examination, she had 3/5 power on the left side of the body. Her MRI was performed" was presented in holy family hospital Rawalpindi Pakistan. History, Examination and investigation are done there. This case is provided by Dr Tayyab Saeed Akhtar. MO and Registrar Holy family hospital Rawalpindi Pakistan. MRI of this patient revealed a lesion. You have to identify this lesion and guess what is it. Then you should think about the type of lesion and the cause of lesion and then after determining the cause, you should think about how to eliminate this cause, Give Specific and general treatment. Monitor the patient and advise the patient to maintain proper follow-up. You may like us on Facebook or subscribe via email to remain in touch with us. (see the sidebar to subscribe via email or like us on facebook)

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