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Pain on Right side of Head. How to Get Better? A Question Answered By Doctor

pain on right side of head
Q: Sir, I am 35 year old male with good physical and medical condition and having the habit of regular exercise in morning time and doing regular yoga.
I have been wearing specks for short sightedness for last 10 year and the power of specks are presently -1.50(with spherical -1 and cylindrical -.5)
for both eye and varied in past between -1.25 to -1.50.

In past I felt severe pain on my right side of the head and centre of pain was in just right from the centre of the brain. The pain was so severe and unbearable and last for 1 to 2 hour and recurred after 02 or 03 or 04th day. This type of pain I felt in past is about 3-4 time since I start wearing specks. Each time I felt pain, power of specks varies either or spherical or cylindrical.
Since last two weeks I am feeling the same pain.when I visited for power check one optician checked my power for -1(-0.5 spherical -0.5 cylindrical)for both eye. My eye power improved this time may be due to better diet or exercise. but after wearing this new glass I felt more severe pain this type and the pain stayed for more time. when I again visited for another optician the checked for my eye power -1 only spherical for both eye. I made the new speck for this new power and I do not know whether this can be solution for my pain or not.
Sir, I will be very thankful to you if you can answer me my following doubt:
(a) Is this pain is concerned with my  power of glass.
(b) What is the best advise to cure this type of pain
(c) What is the reason for pain if you could explain in detail
I have done my complete eye checkup in of the India best eye hospital named Sankar Netrayala and verified after one year by Agrawal eye. They all told be that my eye is very healthy. I have also done for X-ray of my sinus and CT scan for my head and it is normal in report.

Answer: Thank you for asking question. So you experienced sever pain on right side of head. I have read and analyzed your question. Wearing wrong glasses is definitely a cause of headache. As you are alright before wearing spectacles so it means the pain is somehow related to the glasses. You should have correct spherical and cylindrical lens in order to get perfect results. Now i am coming to your questions.
1st Question has already been answered.
2nd. This could be a pain of migraine, tension headache etc. as your CT and all other tests are normal. Patient of Migraine usually tell us that he has pain in right half of head or left half head or front half of head. In migraine there is aura, it means that patient can tell before the onset pain that pain is going to start, usually patient also feels nausea and vomitting. Some patients vomit and after vomiting they feel fine. Tension headache on the other hand is not associated with aura or nausea and vomiting. It may occur in persons with normal eye sight. there are various other ways to cure it. 1st avoid stress and anxiety. be happy, wear correct glasses, and thirdly if nothing works, there are drugs that can cure such type of pain effectively. In many cases, doctor can’t find out the exact cause of migraine, but drugs can treat it.
Now you 3rd questions. The Reason of the pain in right side of head: Well partly i have answered this question above. It appears that it is related to the use of wrong glasses. as the pain increased in severity exclusively after the use of glasses. You have told us that your eyesight has improved. I advice you to have an eyesight check up once again. your CT and all other tests are normal, so it means there's is nothing dangerous is present. Keep consulting your doctor about your situation. 
Thank you.
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