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I had Sex after my period ended, am i pregnant?

i had sex am i pregnant

Q1: I would like advice please .I had sex on the 23 August a day after my periods ended.I was forced. Immediately after in the next 3 hours I took norlevo the morning after pill.. 5 days later I had heavy bleeding for days. The next month I never got my period.I am now in October and still No period although the month is not over I am worried its been 8 weeks with no period.I took 5 pregnancy test (urine test) and it all came negative but I heard it can not show till 16 weeks.I am not ready for a baby.I do feel hungry often but it could also be stress because I'm starting with my final exam soon. my boob look to me slightly swollen. What do you think.. I don't have money at the moment for blood test. how much does it cost?

A1: hi thank you for asking a question. in your situation! it is very unlikely to get pregnant. I personally don't think that u are pregnant. u did not tell me your age. so it is difficult to say why your boobs are swollen maybe it is due to puberty or a treatable infection. women very rarely get pregnant after having sex when their period end.. the favorable days for getting the pregnancy start after 7 days of cessation of bleeding..I think u had sex in safe period. and you wouldn't pregnant.. u might have missed this period due to excessive bleeding previously.

Q2: Thank you very much for the advice. This continuing my previous questi on.what should I do if I miss my period again this month. Would that be a definite sign of pregnancy. I don't usually miss my period. Could it be plan b for missing my period 2 months. I am 18. I also thought the same. But I have been getting this weird feeling. I don't know if its a symptom. An night I would get a growling noise in my stoma I'm hungry but I'm not. They said its a good sign of pregnancy. I want to go for an abortion because I'm starting varsity next year. But I want to first make sure do u know perhaps how much a blood pregnancy test cost please. Would really appreciate it .
Kind regards

A2: missing a period isn't a definitive sign of pregnancy. there are many other conditions in which periods don't occur regularly and sometimes a healthy woman may miss her period. your urine test is negative. usua,lly urine test becomes positive in the second week of pregnancy. . now 2 months have been passed. are you taking any other birth control pills right now?? or are you taking any medicines right now? do you have other signs like nausea? morning sickne ss,frequent urination etc? ( see this article Signs of Pregnancy )well I think you are emotionally disturbed and worried about what has happened. just try to relax. and you have asked about the rates a of blood test. in my area the test costs just 10 dollars. I don't know what does it cost in your area.

Q:3 You are probably right . I should try and relax. I am not on any birth controls nor medication . I am only taking vital tablets OMEGA 3,6,9 it helps for concentration.I really hope you right...during this time I've done some research on the internet any some women said the urine test doesn't show accurate only up to 14_16 weeks it eventually shows.I'm really scared...but I do appreciate all the advice. I feel like there's someone I can't talk to about my circumstance...if u have any other advice what I should do please let me know.and oh ja I'm from South africa..:-)

A: Don't worry, just relax, and please inform us about your health status after sometime. It will help us in our research work and don't get worried after reading some wired things on the internet. and don't try to diagnose yourself after reading medical articles on the internet. This may result in unnecessary worries. 


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