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I want to know about gilbert syndrome..and is there any treatment for it ?

hey I am Sandip... I want to know about gilbert syndrome..and is there any treatment for it ??? If not then how we can be far from jaundice ???? If we are gilbert syndrome victim??? hope to be in touch...

Hi,,, Hope you will be doing great.. Gilbert syndrome is a hereditary condition. hereditary means it occurs due to a developmental defect in fetus inside the womb of the mother.

In this disease the breakdown product of hemoglobin(a pigment precent in red blood cells) which is called billirubin can't be conjugated. Conjugation is a process in which billirubin is combined with other products which makes its excretion easy and fast. In gilbert syndrome this process of conjugation is defective because necessary machinery for conjugation has found to be missing in such patient. Now bilirubin starts accumulating in the blood. But in gilbert syndrome this accumulation is not severe. It becomes severe occasionally which solves spontaneously. It seldom needs professional care. Most of the times patient don't need any kind of treatment. but lifestyle changes are necessary, eat healthy diet and control and manage stress, because stress may provoke an attack of Gilbert syndrome. Whenever you go to the doctor tell him that you have gilbert syndrome because some medication may react inversely.

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  1. what are the product which conjugated with billirubin for its excretion easy and fast ??? And what we should do or eat in diet to increase that product so that it helps for conjugation of billirubin in our body ????

  2. Keep your body hydrated. Take fluids. 8 glasses of water daily, dehydration may raise billirubin level. Billirubin maily conjugates with glucoronic acid this is a product of glucose metabolism.
    add green vegetables and fruits in your diet. But the main thing is control and avoid those things which tend to rise billirubin level. For example stress, tension and anxiety, infections, flu, cold etc. okay.. This condition seldom needs intensive care. Most of the times this condition don't bother the patient at all.


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