how to examine respiratory system

Examination of Respiratory System

In this flash lecture following topics are discussed:
1. Anterior, Posterior and Lateral Imaginary Lines on Chest.
2. Lobes of the lungs
3. Anterior and Posterior view of the lobes of the lungs
4. Inspection:
               Respiratory Movements and type
               Respiratory Rate
               Chest Deformity
5. Palpation:
               Apex Beat
               Thoracic Expansion
               Vocal Fermitus
6. Percussion:
               Method of percussion
               Factors affects percussion notes
               Types of percussion notes
7. Auscultation:
               Order of Auscultation
               Sounds of Auscultation
               Normal Breath Sounds
               Abnormal Breath Sounds
               Adventitious Sounds
               Ronchi (wheeze)
               Plural Rub
               Vocal Resonance
8. Consolidation
9. Collapse
10. Plural Effusion
11. Pneumothorax
12. Spirometry
13. Main Symptoms and Signs in Common Respiratory Diseases:
                Lobar Pneumonia
               Chronic Bronchitis with Emphysema
               Bronchial Asthma
               Hydrothorax ( plural effusion )
This Lecture was delivered by Dr Tayyab Saeed Akhtar At Foreign Students Academy