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Embryological Development of Respiratory System Powerpoint Presentation and Lecture by Dr Tayyab Saeed

respiratory system embryogenesisIn this Lecture Embryological development of Respiratory system is discussed. Following Topics are discussed.
1. Respiratory System is Derivative of fore gut.
2. Esophagotracheal ridge.
3. Respiratory Diverticulum.
4. Pulmonary development / development of lungs
5. Phases in development of lungs
6. Pseudoglandular phase
7. Canalicular phase
8. Terminal sac period
9. Alveolar period
10. Surfactants
11. RDS
12. Pulmonary hypoplasia
13. Pharyngeal apparatus
14. Pharyngeal fistula
15. DiGeorge syndrome
This lecture was delivered by Dr Tayyab Saeed Akhtar At Foreign Students Academy Rawalpindi

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