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CNS Embryology Powerpoint Presentation and Lecture by Dr Tayyab Saeed Akhtar

embryological development of brain
In this Lecture, embryological development of Central Nervous System is discussed. Following topics are covered.
1. Neural Tube Formation
2. Ectoderm:
3. Anteri or neuropore
4. Cardiac bulge
5. Somites
6. Posterior neuropore
7. Procencephalon
8. Mesencephalon
9. Rhombencephalon
10. Development of brain
11. Telencephalon
12. Diencephalon
13. Metencephalon
14. Myelencephalon
15. Development of spinal cord
16. Developmental defects
This lecture was delivered by Dr. Tayyab Saeed Akhtar at Foreign Students Academy

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