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Forensic Toxicology Powerpoint Presentation and Lecture by Dr Tayyab Saeed Akhtar

forensic toxicology lecture powerpoint
In this flash video following topics are discussed:
1. What is toxicology?
2. Forensic Toxicology
3. What is Poison?
4. History of Toxicology?
5. Drug
6. Toxinology
7. Chelating Agents
8. Ecotoxicology
9. Acute Poisoning
10. Chronic Poisoning
11. Fluminant Poisoning
12. Parasuicide
13. Antidote
14. Sources of Poison
15. Classification of Poisons
16. Diagnosis of Poisoning
17. Postmortem findings in cases of deaths due to poisoning
18. External and Internal examination of dead body
19. Management of a case of poisoning
20. Toxicological Screen
This Lecture was delivered by Dr Tayyab Saeeed Akhtar at Foreign Students Academy Rawalpindi Pakistan

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