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RBCs, Abnormalites Of RBCs, Anemia and Types Of Anemia Dr. Tayyab

Topic discussed are:
1. Anisocytosis
2. Poikilocytosis
3. Elliptocytosis
3. Spherocytosis
4. Target Cells
6. Acanthocytosis
7. Ehinocytes
8. Schistocytes
9. Bite Cells
10. Tear Drop cells
11. Sickle cell
12 Rhouleaux
13. Basophillic stiplling
14. Howell jolly bodies, Pappenheimer bodies, Heinz bodies, Ring Sidroblasts,
15. Anemia
16. Reticulocytosis
17. Types of anemia
18. Coomb's test
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