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Better Life Style Can Prevent Thirty Percent Of Cancers - WHO

WHO recently announced that More than thirty per cent of cancers can be prevented by making changes in the lifestyle.

Cancer has been becoming the number one cause of death in developed countries. Causes of most of the cancers are unknown, But risk factors have been identified and research work is going on an international level

to stop the spread of cancer.

The easiest way to prevent cancer is making some changes in lifestyle. Tobacco smoking, Alcohol consumption, a diet low in fruits and vegetables, inactivity and lack of exercise are identified as major risk factors for cancer.

United Nations health agency reported that Tobacco consumption is the major risk factor for lung cancer, it is responsible for seventy-one per cent of death due to lung cancers and twenty-two per cent of total global cancer deaths.
Therefore, Stopping Cigarette and tobacco use could help to decrease cancer mortality rates.

In 2008 cancer caused 7600000 (7.6 million) deaths worldwide (13 per cent of global mortality).
The most common deadly cancers were of lungs, stomach, liver, colon and breast.
About seventy per cent of all cancer deaths in 2008 occurred in developing countries.
The WHO said that deaths from cancer will continue rising and if deaths from cancer continue rising with the present rate it will reach 13000000 (13.1 million ) in the year 2030.
The WHO projected that deaths from cancer will continue rising, and will hit an estimated 13.1 million in 2030.

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