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Pulmonary Infraction X Ray Diagnosis

Chest Xray

This is an Xray of A 37 year Old female patient who is presented to emergency department with shortness of breath and bluish skin. She was using oral contraceptive and was chronic smoker. On chest auscultation irregular heart beats are found. What will be the probable diagnosis?
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Answer: In the above case there are three important risk factor for embolus formation (embolism)
1. Old Age
2. Oral contraceptive use
3. Chronic smoker.
All these factors favour emobolus formation by various mechanism. The Xray of female patient shows typical wedge shaped pulmonary infarction of the right middle lobe. Its Pulmonary Infarction.


  1. aaww... its difficult for 3rd year medical student... well it is heart failure may be

  2. pleural based opacities called hampton,s hump indication of lung infarction,another opacity at hilum of Lung rt.side most likely due to dilated pulmonary artery which occurs in 15% cases of PULMONARY EMBOLISM.


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