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Gastric Lymphoma - Causes - Risk Factors - Signs and Symptoms

Gastric Lymphoma

There are two different types of lymphoma

  • Part of systemic lymphoma with gastric involvement (32%)
  • Primary involvement of the GIT (MALT Tumors)

10 – 20% of all lymphomas occur in the abdomen
50% of those are gastric in nature

Risk factors
Chronic H. Pylori infection (due to chronic stimulation of the MALT)
In the early stages of disease Treatment of H. pylori, infection leads to regression of the disease

Early stages also referred to as pseudo-lymphoma
Indolent for long periods

Low incidence of

  • Spread to lymph nodes
  • Involvement of bone marrow
  • Therefore the much better prognosis

Mostly involves the antrum

At the time of presentation

  • Larger than 10 cm (50%)
  • More than 1 focus (25%)
  • Ulcerated (30 – 50%)

Pattern of metastasis similar to gastric carcinoma

Signs and symptoms
Occur late and are vague (dyspepsia, epigastric pain, hematemesis, melena &wt loss)

based on histology
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