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Infectious Esophagitis and Chemical Esophagitis-Causes-Clinical Signs-Treatment


Causes Of Infectious Esophagitis (Oesophagitis)
1. Bacteremia
2. Viremia
3. Herpes simplex
4. Cytomegalovirus
5. Candidiasis
6. Mucormycosis
7. Aspergillosis

Causes of Chemical Esophagitis:
1. Ingested irritants (e.g alcohol, acids, alkalies and hot fluids)
2. Heavy smoking
3. Anticancer drugs
4. Uremia
5. Radiotherapy

1. Non-specific features:
a) Severe inflammation,
b) Superficial necrosis
c) Ulceration with the formation of granulation tissue and fibrosis

2. Specific features:
a) Adherent grey-white pseudo-membranes (in case of candidiasis)
b) Punched out ulcers of the oesophagal mucosa (in case of herpes infection)
c) Tablet or capsule sticking in the oesophagus (in case of chemical or drug esophagitis)
d) In the case of radiation esophagitis, there will be Mucosal atrophy, submucosal fibrosis and Vascular intimal thickening

Clinical Features and signs (infectious esophagitis)

1. dysphagia
2. painful swallowing
3. heartburn
4. Nausea
5. Chest pain
or infectious esophagitis may be asymptomatic.

Treatment of infectious esophagitis:
Treatment varies with the causative agent.
it is treated with antibacterial, antiviral or antifungal drugs depending on the causative agent that is whether it is a bacteria, virus or fungus.

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