Fate Of Thrombus. 
fate of thrombus

           Once Thrombus is formed

  1. It may propagate and increase in size and cause obstruction of some critical blood vessels (forexample coronary artery)
  2. It may detach from its attachment and may embolize.
  3. It may be removed by fibrinolytic activity and blood flow is established again.
  4. It may undergo organization in to fibrinnous thrombus
  5. Organized Thrombus may become re-canalize (capillary channels are formed in the organized thrombus) thus re-establishing continuity of lumen of vessel.
  6. Center of thrombus may undergo enzymatic digestion and softens due to release of lysosomal enzymes from the trapped leukocytes  and platelets, such soften debris is ideal culture medium for bacterial growth.

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