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heart diseases

Emboli-Embolism-Classification-Fate-clinical Manifestations


            It refers to a condition in which there is complete or partial occlusion of some parts of cardiovascular system (e.g, arteries or veins) by impaction of some mass (embolus) that has transported to the site through blood stream.


It refers to the mass that occludes the blood vessels and is transported to the site of occlusion through blood stream.

Classification Of Emboli.

(A) Classification According to the consistency.

1. Solid Emboli
for example

  • part or whole of dislodged thrombus
  • Atheroseclerosis debris that is cholesterol emboli.
  • Tumor fragments
  • bits of bone marrow
  • Foreign bodies that gain entry to the blood stream for example bullet.
2. Liquid Emboli:
for example
for example
(B) Classification according to the site Of Origin.

(C) Others types Of emboli
  • Saddle Embolus: it refers to that embolus which lodges itself at the bifurcation of main pulmonary artery.
  • Paradoxical Embolus: It refers to embolus that passes from right side of the heart into the left side of the heart through inter-atrial or inter-ventricular septal defect.

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