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Difference Between Benign And Malignant Tumor


Tumour is of two types.
Benign Tumor and malignant tumour. A benign tumour doesn't put the life of the person at risk except in some situations, for example, benign tumour at heart valve may compromise cardiac function. on the other hand, a malignant tumour may metastasize, invade and destroy the surrounding tissue and kills the person.

The main differences between a malignant and benign tumour are given below.

Difference Between Benign And Malignant Tumor
Benign TumorMalignant Tumor
1. It is not encapsulated1. It is encapsulated 
2. It is non-invasive2. It is invasive
3. It slowly Grows, mitotic bodies are normal3. A malignant tumour grows rapidly. mitotic bodies are numerous
4. nucleus to cytoplasmic ration is near to normal4. Nucleus to cytoplasmic ration is 1:4 or more
5. It doesn't metastasize 5. It metastasizes and forms secondary tumours.
6. It doesn't reoccur once removed by surgery6. It tends to reoccur once removed
7. There is no inflammation7. The inflammatory reaction is present because this tumour undergo necrosis

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