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eye related issues

Argyle Robertson Pupil - Horner's Syndrome - Xerophthalmia - Keratomalacia - Anisocoria


Define The Terms:

1) Argyle Robertson Pupil:
    It is a pupil that:
a) remain constricted
b) Doesn't respond to accommodation.
The lesion in the vicinity of the aqueduct of Sylvius and superior colliculi in syphilis of CNS.

2) Horner's Syndrome:
It is the collection of symptoms resulting from interruption of sympathetic nerve supply to eyes.
Symptoms are;
a) Miosis, that is pupil remain constricted.
b) Ptosis, that is superior eyelid drops,
c) Anhidrosis, that is sweating on the affected side does not occur.
d) Vasodilation of blood vessels of the affected side.

3) Xerophthalmia:
It is a disease characterized by small triangular white patches on outer and inner sides of cornea.

Caused by:
Vitamin A deficiency.

4. Keratomalacia:
It is a disease in which cornea becomes dull, insensitive and necrotic.
Caused by:
Severe Vitamin A deficiency.

5. Anisocoria:
If two pupils are unequal, this is called anisocoria.

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