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What is Euthanasia (Mercy Killing) - Definition - Is Euthanasia Allowed ?

What Is Euthanasia?
                            Euthanasia literally means mercy killing or putting a person to painless death in case of incurable suffering and disease or when the life of a person becomes purposeless and dependent on others as a result of mental or physical handicap.

Is Euthanasia Allowed?
                           According to an Indian author C.K Parikh the question of Euthanasia arises on three occasions; At birth, At the terminal stage of life and an unforeseen mishap.

At birth: Problem arises in case of physically and mentally handicapped infant. The decision should be based on the quality of life the child can expect and tits consequents impact on parents, society and the resources of the State. The Child won't enjoy life and he will be dependent on others every moment. Hence Euthanasia is an option.

At Terminal Stage of Life. If a patient is suffering from immense pain in his terminal stage of life, he can request the doctor to help him in getting rid of that pain by terminating his life. Patient may himself take some poisonous medicines to terminate his life. Sooner or later the patient will die. But the pain is great, in such a situation a doctor may think about euthanasia with the consent of the patient and his relatives.

Accidents and Mishaps: In the case of a person who is severely impaired as a result of brain injury it is now possible to sustain life, but in a state of animation, artificial means. Brain damage is unrecoverable when medical treatment has nothing to offer the patient can be allowed to die in comfort and with dignity.

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