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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - COPD - Brief explaination

COPD is a respiratory disorder. in which a patient feels difficulty in breathing, exhaustion, and apprehension.

difficulty in breathing copdAs the name suggests, in this disease there is an obstruction in the air pathway.

Possible Reasons for obstruction.:
1. dirt,
2, pollution
3, smoking
4. allergy
5. Repetitive respiratory  infections
most common causative agents are dust, pollution and smoking

Brief Mechanism:
the harmful chemicals in smoking, dust etc enter the lungs and destroy the air sacs so there will be less surface area available for gaseous exchange and it will lead to quick exhaustion.
moreover, the dirt and chemicals will cause increase mucous production in the airway which causes obstruction or narrowing of air pathway. it will again cause difficulty in breathing.
treatment is available. and the patient is facilitated by exogenous drugs. the disease can't be reversed but managed and further progress can be stopped
drugs used are bronchodilators (inhalers etc) mucolytic agents and behavioural changes (Avoid smoking, fresh air, morning walk etc)


  1. i have copd i am 48yrs and a smoker never been a heavy smoker of cigarettes but have smoked cannibas for 30 years. i have noticed the last month i live 2 flights of stairs whither its up them or down them am gasping for breath. my lung captivity is 20% i have tried niquitin patches, nicorette inhaler, nicorette gum, and champix tablets, and still cant stop am thinking of hypnosis.

  2. by smoking i didn't mean smoking ciggerette only. any thing which can be smoked come under the heading of smoking. you have been smoking cannibas for 30 years quite long time. may be a contributive factor. Cannabis has a lower rate of dependence compared to both nicotine and alcohol. However, everyday use of Cannabis can in some cases, be correlated with some psychological withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, and insomnia
    why did you use nicorette inhaler?
    is that to quit cannabis smoking? and tell me whether you used it under doctor advice or by yourself or after a non professional friend's advice?


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