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Here i will talk especially about third world countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and other developing and poor Asian and African Countries.
people belong to developing countries also follow.
so in order to prevent
spread or getting of disease what we have to do??

to me, the best answer to this question is that we can prevent the spread of getting of disease by educating people.

let me share an example with you that i have personally experienced.

i was in the hospital a patient with stroke came. the patient was a 60-year female.
general symptoms include unconsciousness and hemiplegia that is the right side of the patient was paralyzed and plantar reflexes were up going.
the patient was taken to the hospital 5 days after the first signs of the disease appear. the relatives of the patient took her to a local dispenser who knows nothing about diseases and medical problem although the hospital was nearby.
but they preferred the old dispenser over the doctors, who did not know about diseases and their remedy.
so that the patient had admitted late and therefore her recovery from stroke became difficult as the cause was not removed earlier and the damage had been done already.
why that happen because people were poor and are ignorant they believed that the dispenser who was working in their area for a decade has more knowledge and facilities then a doctor has or a hospital possesses.
So in order to prevent diseases and their spread try to educate yourself and people around you.
we will discuss more this topic. share your views.


  1. yeah.....well said. I think to prevent such situations, the Gov. should make an effort to find out the quacks and stop thier business. Now, I dont say that every medicine prescribed by a quack are harmful or useless....they do work..but the chances are 30-40%......why to risk ur life in such cases?!

    As u have mentioned about poverty in the third world countries like ours.....people tend to be ignorant. Sometimes even a well educated person becomes a victim too !

    I dont know about other places but in India, most physicians deny to work in rural areas. The gov. doctors who are posted in villages dont give thier 50% also.......they want high fee for check up....villagers cannot keep upto the expense of the a result they turn to the quacks. But the good news is that...these days in most places, the gov. has taken initiatives to provide a bettr health facilities to people. It seems that a medical student from rural part of inida has to complete 5 years of practise in his area. Its not common in all parts of india....but only a selected few....for eg. the state of Assam. Hope the gov., the public and doctors give try to realize thier duties to have a healthy nation.

    Good work dr. adil....nice post.

  2. thank you anonymous. thanks for appreciating.
    you are right doctors are not willing to work in rural areas. the parents of doctors think that when my son will be a doctor he will earn large amount of money. Govt don't pay doctors much


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