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Nabothian Cyst Cause Symptoms Appearance Treatment And Prevention of Nabothian Cyst

Dr. Adil R, MBBS

Nabothian Cyst is something Related to Cervix of females.

Nabothian cysts appear on Cervix. Cervix is the part of every normal and healthy woman's anatomy. It is located at the junction of uterus and vagina.
It Leads from uterus to vagina provides support to the uterus and allows the flow of menstrual blood from the uterus into the vagina, and to direct the sperms into the uterus during intercourse. It shares the weight of the fetus in pregnancy.
As cervix is present inside the body, it must be properly examined by a gynecologist to rule out any cyst, malignancy, infection or other diseases of cervix.

nabothian cyst image
Cervix Location and Appearance

Nabothian Cyst is related to cervix.
nabothian cyst

Causes of Nabothian Cyst:

In this condition, Mucous filled bumps appear on the surface of cervix. Mucous is secreted by the cervical cells and ensure protection against bacteria and provide a good media for sperm transportation. any blockage in the pores of mucous secreting cells result in the formation of mucus filled bumps. these mucus filled bums are called Nabothian Cyst.
All conditions which increase vaginal discharge may predispose to nabothian cyst formation.

Identification of Nabothian Cyst

Nabothian Cysts can be identified easily by a gynecologist. These appear as a whitish, pimple like bumps present on the surface of cervix. There May be a single bump or group of bumps Clustered Together. A qualified Doctor can identify them easily, and he won't need any laboratory test confirmations.
nabothian cyst appearance
Gynecological Appearance
Of Nabothian Cyst

Symptoms of Nabothian Cyst

There are no symptoms related to Nabothian cyst. it is a very benign (harmless) condition. Normally females remain unaware of Nabothian cysts and discovered coincidently when a women is examined by gynecologist for other purposes. but if a Nabothian Cyst is large enough that it can block the cervical opening it can lead to discomfort during menses.

Treatment of Nabothian Cyst

Often, Doctors are not needed to treat Nabothian Cyst. Because it is a very benign condition. But if Cyst Grows in size and it blocks the cervical opening,  methods such as cauterizing and freezing of cyst are done.

Prevention/Solution of Nabothian Cyst

Currently, there is nothing that can be done to prevent Nabothian cysts from appearing. They are not caused by a virus or bacteria and there seems to be no correlation between lifestyle and the appearance of these cysts. Because they are so benign, most are ignored unless they become large enough to block the cervix entrance, making it difficult to perform a pap smear test. Most people live without even knowing they are there.
Questions that may come in your mind regarding Nabothian cyst:
Q1. Are Nabothian cysts dangerous.
A.   No nabothian cysts are not dangerous. It is a benign condition.
Q2. Does pregnancy has any relationship with nabothian cysts.
A.   Nabothian cysts are more common in married, and multiparous (mother of more than one child) women. So it indicates that some relationship between pregnancy and nabothian cysts exists.
Q3.  Do nabothian cysts affect fertility?
A.    Large nabothian cysts may block cervical orifice which may block the upward movement of sperms. Smaller nabothian cysts that are away from cervical orifice have no effect on fertility.
Q4. Are nabothian cysts predispose to cancer?
A.   No nabothian cysts are benign they don’t progress to cancer.
Q5. Do nabothian cysts cause miscarriage?
A.   No, nabothian cysts don’t cause miscarriage.
Q6. Do nabothian cysts bleed?
A. No, nabothian cysts do not bleed. Nabothian cysts bleed don’t bleed on touch also. If a cervical lesion bleeds on touch it should be examined and sampled.



  1. It is definitely scary how this Nabothian cyst occur without giving us symptoms. Gosh! Is there other way to treat this unwanted cyst without cauterizing or freezing the cyst? perhaps with any intake medication to prevent the continuous growing of the cyst? and lastly if so the cyst went far, would it in any way lead to cervical cancer or malignant status?

  2. Nabothian is benign condition. benign means harmles. i don't think it will lead to cervical cancer. cervical cancer has its own causes


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