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Online Practice MCQs Exam of Gastroenterology for USMLE, PLAB, FCPS, PRESS and Other Medical Exams

Practice Online MCQ Exam of Gastroenterology for usmle plab fcps and other medical examsThis is an online practice exam of gastroenterology.
Read carefully before attempting the exam.
  1. This exam contains questions from following topics;
    1. Gastro-embryology
    2. Gastro-Histology
    3. Gastro-Anatomy
    4. Gastro-Pathology
    5. Gastro-Physiology
    6. Gastro-Pharmacology
  2. The exam consists of 60 questions.
  3. You have 35 minutes to answer all the 60 questions.
  4. You can’t skip a question. Make sure that you have answered all the questions before submitting all the answers.
  5. Each correct answer has 4 marks and each incorrect answer deducts 1 mark from the total marks obtained.  (-1 negative marking)
  6. Use PC or Laptop to attempt the exam, as attempting it on mobile phones may cause problems.
  7. After answering the questions, submit the answers, If you need the answer key, then kindly email us at “ “. You will get the answer key within 24 hours.
Relax this is a practice exam and it will help you to identify your weak points where you need to concentrate
Internet Explorer may cause a problem during the exam. We recommend, chrome or firefox.
For answer Key: Email at
The exam may take some time to load, so please wati……

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