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Can Crohn’s Disease cause missed and irregular menstrual periods?

Crohn Disease and irregular menstruation causesMany women with Crohn’s disease complain of missed and irregular periods. They want to know whether it is the Crohn’s disease that is responsible for irregular menstrual periods or there’s something else happening with them. The answer to this question is described below.
Yes, a relationship between Crohn’s disease and irregular menstrual periods does exist. Those women who have Crohn’s disease frequently complain of irregular and missed periods. Missed periods cause them to think about whether they are pregnant. But pregnancy tests come negative. The problem becomes very severe and women complain of missed, irregular or late periods more often when Crohn’s disease is active. Many women get normal and somewhat regular periods back when remission of Crohn’s disease occurs.

What causes irregular and missed periods in Crohn’s disease?

Exact causes of irregular and missed periods in Crohn’s disease are not known. But it is proposed that the inflammatory process in the body disturbs the normal female hormonal balance and it is the hormonal balance that controls the menstruation. If hormonal balance disturbs then it will affect the regularity of menstruation. Moreover, it has also been suggested that poor nutrition, frequent diarrhea, and ill health may also cause menstruation problems.
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