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FGSH Polyclinic-Biggest Merit Violation in House Officers Appointments

Federal Government Services Hospital Polyclinic Islamabad, eats a large share of Federal Health Budget. It is situated near the parliament house of Pakistan. The Executive Director of polyclinic hospital Dr Zahid and Deputy Executive Director Dr Shahid Hanif are involved in the worst merit violation of house officer’s recruitment and dis-honoured this high-budgeted government institute. They had conducted the exam of medical graduates on the 18th of June, 2014. The result was declared on the same day. Dr Adil Ramzan, who stood 5th in the merit list, was very happy that at last he had got a place on merit, in Pakistan. But yet he had to appear in the interview. In every medical institute, in the interview for house officer recruitment, only one question is asked from the successful candidates, ie, in which department they want to go, either medical or surgery. But here, the scenario was different, they asked some illogical questions from the candidates.
1. From where you are graduated.
2. From where have you got the domicile certificate
3. Do you need a hostel?
4. When will you be able to start working?
From the above question, the questions that seem logical are the first and 4th questions. As in every institute, graduates of public sector medical colleges get the preference over private and foreigner graduates. Place of Domicile should matter in a Federal Institute. Government has given the doctor’s hostel to polyclinic hospital, so why they asked this question. This because several Medical officers of polyclinic who enjoys free residence in doctor’s hostel along with their family despite getting huge housing funds from the government. When will you be able to start a duty is another question, which can be asked?
Dr Adil Ramzan, who stood 5th in merit list is graduated from a public sector medical college, he has the domicile certificate from Abbottabad, but his family has been living in Rawalpindi since last 10 years. So he didn’t need a hostel, and for the 4rth question, his answer was “I can start working right now”. Despite these answers, he wasn’t selected. They had selected candidates who were 24th, 27th and even blow spot in the initial merit list. So a question arises, what were their criteria. Among those, who were, selected many were related to the authorities or had political back. Was that the criteria?
Dr Adil, who was shocked to see the results, went to Ministry CADD and met secretary CADD and told him his problem. Secretary of Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CAD),  Faridullah Khan referred him to Joint Secretary and then thought that his work is finished. Joint secretary of Ministry of CAD Pakistan, Dr Akbar Shamim, sent his application to section officer for processing. After Several visits to secretary CADD, Dr Adil Ramzan Got the following statement from the joint secretary CADD Mr Akbar Shamim.
I can’t do anything for you. Nothing can be done for you. This is Pakistan, Bear the injustice and go to abroad or apply in other hospital
(Mr. Akbar Shamim Joint Secretary, Ministry of Capital Administration and Development, Pakistan)
He was the authority, if he wanted, he could even suspend the ED PolyClinic and started inquiry against him. But why he would do that? Who is Dr Adil Ramzan, for whom he spoil his relations and shares with ED?
Secretary CADD, Faridullah Khan, didn’t even ask for the report. Full in disparity, Dr Adil, Went to Section officer for the status of his application and following was the reply of section officer CADD
Dear Doctor, there is no use of wandering around here, go and find the wing man of ED polyclinic Dr Zahid and give him some money. This is the only way to solve your problem
(SO Ministry of Capital Administration and Development, Pakistan)
These were the remarks of that person who was processing his application. Now where to go? Dr Adil, in desparity, met ED polyclinic and after a long illogical and non-sense explanations of ED Dr Zahid, of not selecting him, he offered him a non-paid honorary house job in medicine. Dr Adil, accepted this because he didn’t want to waste his time. He decided to go to court for justice. Let's see the calibre of Pakistani courts. and Let’s hope one day, justice will reach to the deserving ones.
God’s mill grinds slow but sure.

Merit List (Click to Enlarge)

Merit violation in polyclinic hospital house officers appointments

Application to Secretary CADD Ministry Pakistan Fareedullah Khan and Joint Secretary Akbar Shamim by Dr Adil Ramzan

Application of Secretary of Ministry of CAD islamabad Pakistan For Polyclinic Merit Violation in House officers appointment by Dr Adil Ramzan


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