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Alvarado score if frequently used to assess the probability of the presence of acute appendicitis in a patient.
In an emergency, patients may present to you with abdominal pain and tenderness that is confined to right iliac fossa. But these aren’t the definite signs of acute appendicitis. Many other conditions may also cause these signs. In order to evaluate the probability of acute appendicitis in an emergency, this score is used.

The Component of Alvarado Score.

  1. Tenderness at right iliac fossa: When you touch (or press) the right iliac fossa, the patient feels pain.
  2. Rebound Tenderness: When you apply pressure on right iliac fossa with your fingers, and suddenly remove it. Patient feels more pain when you remove the pressure. This is called rebound tenderness.
  3. Elevated temperature: Temperature more than 99 F
  4. Migration of Pain to the right lower quadrant: When you ask the patient how your pain started. He may answer you that pain was first started around the umbilicus and then after a few hours it became confined to right iliac fossa. This is called migration of pain to right iliac fossa.
  5. Anorexia: Patient appetite decreases
  6. Nausea Vomiting.
  7. Leukocytosis: White blood cells count more than 10,000.
  8. Leukocyte left shift: Read this article about leukocyte left shift: (will be published soon)

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