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What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Exercise?

best time of the day to exerciseWhat is the best time to exercise? This question may come into your mind and you might have read or heard many contradictory statements on this topic. Some say the evening is the best time and others prefer the morning. Some also like to exercise after or before lunch. Let us discuss why these people have different opinions. Why some prefer morning over the evening and vice versa.
Is Morning the best time to exercise?
The simple answer to this question is “it totally depends upon you”. Is this the time you like to exercise? Is this the time you can do and also can continue your exercise every day and you can easily make this a habit? if yes then it is probably the best time. In the evening you may become busy in other activities which may make it difficult for you to spare some time for exercise. Morning time is the best time for those individuals who have a busy daily schedule. Moreover, Morning workouts require much more time to warm up then evening routines. The fresh air in the morning gives you a great feeling and sense of wellbeing. And after finishing your exercise in the morning you can do whatever you want on the whole day without having the tension of “no workout or calorie burn”.
Is Evening the best time to exercise?
The evening is better for those individuals who can’t wake up early, who feel it is difficult for them to get out of the bed and for those who don’t have much busier evening schedule. It hasn’t proved scientifically that which time of the day is better for burning calories or which time of the day is favourable for burning calories. So I would say that it totally depends upon you to choose a time of exercise. Just make sure that you can stick to your schedule.
In a nutshell, we can conclude that we can exercise when we want. It is the regular exercise that matters, not the time of the day. Keep in mind that don’t exercise right after taking a meal, because after taking meals the blood flow through the intestines increase and decreases through the muscles. You should wait at least 90 minutes after taking the meal.


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