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Type 2 Diabetes Risk Calculator–Calculate your Risk of Getting Type 2 Diabetes

type 2 diabetes risk calculatorType 2 Diabetes Risk Calculator is designed to find out your likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes. This tool calculates your risk of getting type 2 diabetes on the basis of presence or absence of risk factors of type 2 diabetes.
Answer the following question. Submit them and get your score. Interpret your score as follows.
Score Risk Status Remarks
0 – 25% Low Risk Continue to live a healthy life and avoid risk factors
26 – 55% Moderate Risk Try to Avoid Risk Factors, Lose weight, Eat healthily, Do regular diabetic screening, increase physical activity and Consult a doctor and discuss risk factors with him
56 – 80% High Risk Consult your doctor
81 – 100% Very High Risk Consult your doctor as soon as possible
Answer the following question and click next. Once you answer all the 9 questions you will get your score. Read the risk status and remarks about your score in the above table.

This is a rough estimation of your risk of getting diabetes. A high score indicates that you have more risk factors of getting type diabetes and you have a high risk of getting type 2 diabetes. If your score is high then consult your doctor and take measures to avoid the risk factors. Some risk factors such as age, race and family are non-modifiable. But other risk factors such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, Physical activity or exercise are modifiable. So concentrate on these risk factors and try to avoid them by consulting with your doctors.
1. If you have high blood pressure then control it by taking anti-hypertensive medicines
2. If you have high cholesterol, then it can be lowered with the help of cholesterol-lowering drugs.
3. If you are over-weighted, then weight can be reduced with the help of diet control and physical activity.
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