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Avoid Fatty and Fried Foods in Heartburn, Digestive upset and Barrett’s Esophagus

Avoid fatty fried food in barrett esophagus heart burn and digestive upsetAvoiding Fatty Fried Foods in heartburn, digestive upset and Barrett's oesophagus.
Fatty fried foods can’t be included in the healthy food category. They should be avoided in all circumstances. But taking non-fat foods only is also not good for health. Various hormones in our body are made up cholesterol. Fatty acids also perform various functions in our body. So we can say that we should take low-fat foods and the fat content of our diet should not be more than the recommended amount.
Fatty and greasy foods must be avoided in case of heartburn or Barrett oesophagus. Fatty foods are difficult to digest. The stomach has no enzyme to digest fats. So fats stay in the stomach for a longer period of time. They distend the stomach and their greasy nature also affects the lower oesophagal sphincter. The LES (lower oesophagal sphincter) become loose and stomach contents can come back to the oesophagus. The oesophagal lining can’t resist the corrosive action of stomach acid. The inner lining of the oesophagal wall can be easily damaged by stomach acids. So acid reflux into oesophagus burns the innermost lining of the oesophagal wall and it manifests as the sensation of heartburn.
So it is now clear from the above discussion that fatty fried food should be avoided by the patient of Barrett's oesophagus. Moreover, heartburn or oesophagal reflux is more common after taking large meals. If you eat too much at a time, it will distend the stomach and if you sleep immediately after taking a large meal then the risk of gastro oesophagal reflux increases many folds. So if you are suffering from heartburn or Barrett oesophagus then you should avoid large meals and you should take meal 2-3 hours before going to bed.
Generally, you should avoid all those foods that cause you heartburn. Those foods that can relax the lower oesophagal sphincter and cause you to have heartburn include; alcohol, black pepper, garlic, spicy foods, chocolates, Citrus fruits, coffee and tomatoes etc. If you don’t feel the sensation of heartburn after taking any of these foods then you may continue taking them without any fear but if any of these foods cause you heartburn then you should immediately stop taking them.
If you have been experiencing acid reflux or heartburn for a long time then you should note what are those things, activities, behaviour or foods that trigger the heartburn and what are the relieving factors. Note down those foods and try to avoid them. Choose stomach friendly foods.

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