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Diagnosis of Hepatitis A,B,C and E By Dr. Tayyab Saeed Akhtar

A lecture on Diagnosis of Hepatitis A, B, C and E was delivered by Dr. Tayyab Saeed Akhtar in a national conference held in Chakwal Pakistan.
Dr. Tayyab Saeed Akhtar is MO and Registrar at Holy family hospital Rawalpindi
The lecture is password protected to limit unauthorized views. Password is 
(Please watch in full screen for a better view): Kindly answer the Quiz at the end of the presentation and self evaluate your knowledge. You will get result instantly: diagnosis of hepatitis A,B,C and E.

Summary: Hepatitis can be acute or chronic. Chronic hepatitis is associated with extensive liver fibrosis and liver dysfunction. Different viruses cause hepatitis, Most common are Hepatitis A virus, Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus and Hepatitis E virus. Other viral infections are less common and include; Cytomegalovirus and Epstein Bar Virus, Hepatitis can be present in yellow fever a herpes simplex viral infection.
Liver Function Tests in hepatitis are deranged, ALT, AST, Bilirubin and ALP are the substances usually measured in the laboratory and are usually deranged in hepatitis. Other tests which should be done are serum albumin, bleeding time, clotting time, and blood ammonia. For more details see the outlines in the following flash lecture delivered by Dr Tayyab Saeed Akhtar, on Diagnosis of Hepatitis A, B, C and E. Where He has explained in a very simple easy to understand language with the help of relevant pictures and images.

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