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art2721The breast secrets Colostrum for the first few days after delivery, which is yellow in colour and thicker than milk.
art2722Although it is in a small amount, but is enough for a normal baby and is exactly what a baby needs for the first few days.
art2733It contains more antibodies and more WBC than the Later milk.
art2734It gives the first immunization to protect the baby from bacteria and viruses.
art9FAEIt is rich in growth factor which stimulates a baby immature intestine to develop. The growth factors prepare the baby intestine to digest and absorb milk and to prevent the absorption of undigested protein.
art9FBFColostrum is laxative and helps the baby to pass meconium. this help to prevent jaundice.
art9FC0So the communities avoiding colostrum need to be educated regarding these benefits
protects against infection and allergyclears meconium; helps prevent jaundicehelps intestine mature; prevents allergy, intolerancereduces severity of some infection (such as measles and diarrhoea); prevents vitamin A-related eye diseases

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  1. I was unaware regarding these information. Really liked reading your post. Thank you for sharing these online.


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