Medical Transcription Service, At Low Cost, MedicoTips INC,


Provides an alternative for doctor’s offices, hospitals, and outpatient clinics’

transcription, dictation, EMR (electronic medical records) , internet security and

continuous data protection in “One Simple Solution.”


Medicotips, Inc. is a medical transcription service that was established by Dr. Adil Ramzan

We have been providing transcription services for over 2 years. We realize that there is a great need for a QUALITY medical transcription service and now more than ever, one company that can offer you ONE SIMPLE SOLUTION!


• No costly equipment or equipment maintenance!

• No workspace required at your facility!

• No paid vacation, holidays, or sick leave!

• No faxes to figure or match!• No benefit package necessary such as the cost of health insurance, profit sharing,


• You pay for only what time is actually worked— not for idle time!

• Reasonable rates, great turnaround time, QUALITY transcription!

• No servers to buy or networks to configure!• No training costs, start‐up fees, maintenance contracts, or software licensing



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