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Health System In Pakistan and Functions of a Hospital

Health System In Pakistan

The Delivery of health care is done under four major sectors
  1. Public sector
  2. Private sector
  3. Indigenous health system
  4. Voluntary health agencies

Public Sector

¨  Starting from lower level these are.
          Tehsil headquarter
          District Headquarter
          Tertiary or teaching hospitals
          Some centres functioning are
      - leprosy centre
      - TB hospital
      - maternity homes
      - children Hospitals

Private Sector:

Different private Hospitals like
        - RMI in Peshawar
        - Northwest Hospital at Hayatabad
        - Nursing homes
        - General clinics etc
Indigenous Health System
Unani ways of treating miseries
   - Homoeopathic clinics
   - Unregistered quacks

Functions Of Hospitals

1.  Curative Care
       - Outpatient Services
       -Filter clinics
       - Inpatients services
  2.  Preventive and promotive care.
       - like immunization. Screening for common health problems
      - health education for hygiene 
  3. training
  4. research
  5. Health education
  6. Accidents and emergency services
  7. physiotherapy
  8. ambulance services
  9.Laboratory services
  10.Medical record keeping

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