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New Case Of The Month: A 35 year old female delivered...

•A 35 year old female delivered a healthy baby 15 days back presented with drowsiness for 2 days. On examination she had 3/5 power on left side of body. Her MRI was performed
•What is the most likely cause of this lesion and what other imaging sequence you would be looking for?

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  1. She has Post partum Haemorrhage because in this stage the patient becomes in Hyper coagulation state and which causes cavernous Sinus Thrombosis which leads to this Haemorrhage..
    and this is the only cerebral Haemorrhage in which we can give Anti Coagulants.

  2. It is brain infarct due to thrombosis. Because patient is in hyperthrombotic state. I have one question. as patient is suffering from post partum bleeding, can we give low dose of anticoagulant prophylactically after two or three days of delivery to prevent any such infarct ?

  3. Its brain infarction due to hyperthrombotic state after delivery

  4. so simple questions... brain infarction.. :)

  5. You mean toxoplasmosis? how ? can you explain?


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