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Unani Medicine an Overview: Should Unani Medicine be included in M.B.B.S?

Should Unani Medicine be included in M.B.B.S?
Health or illness is a combination of our genetic factors and our interaction with nature and surroundings. It is almost impossible to change our genetic make-up, but we can do a lot to overcome our genetic weaknesses and hence prevent diseases that are caused by pollution, surroundings etc. Unani treatment not only cures the disease but also enhances the immunity and resistance power of the body. The biggest strength of Unani medicine lies in the fact that it has no side-effects except in rare cases. While the greatest weakness of Allopathic medicine is that it is loaded with side-effects. Another weakness of Allopathic medicine is that it offers little help in chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis etc, though it offers instant relief in acute cases. Allopathic medicine has strengths as well as weaknesses. In order to combat its weaknesses, the Unani System of Medicine should be combined with the Allopathic System of Medicine. The two Systems of Medicine can work hand-in-hand to treat and prevent life-threatening diseases. It is a pity that M.B.B.S students are taught very little about natural and herbal therapies. Latest research has shown that patients who get allopathic, as well as Unani treatment for a disease, show faster recovery in comparison with patients who are only on allopathic treatment.
For example, a patient with hypertension and atherosclerosis has distressing side-effects from a prescription drug. In such a case, the doctor should try to combine Unani medicine along with other lifestyle adjustments to see if it can cure the patient's problem without much distress.
Nowadays people are realizing the effective healing power of traditional medicine. A lot of research has already been done in the field of Unani medicine or in other words, Ancient Greek Medicine. The journey of medicine was started from ancient Greece and the Allopathic System of Medicine is the modernised form of medicine which has emerged out of this journey. Over thousands of years, it has made a lot of progress and has emerged as a successful, competent and wide-spread system of medicine.unani-and-alopathic-medicine
On the other hand, the Unani System of Medicine has stuck to its roots. It has resented the violation of ancient medical theology and has a rich and refined medical background. It is as pure as nature itself and without any chemical alterations. It would be correct to say that Ancient Greek Medicine or Unani System of Medicine is the mother of Modern Medicine or Allopathic System of Medicine. Hence, the two systems must come together and work in a co-operative manner to achieve the aim of the medical profession and that is the victory of health over disease.

Article Written By:
Dr. Kakul Afridi


  1. in my opinion you have done a great job.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement.I want to create awareness about Unani System of Medicine.I am working for a cause in which I have a strong belief.These are my indispensable views on Unani Medicine.

  2. I agree that Unani and Allopathy medicine should come close to reap benefits from the researches made in their areas. Also, we know that all medicines emerge from herbs, serums, elements, etc. Still, we cannot make Allopathic doctors change their curriculum because Unani doctors want them to do so and same may apply otherwise if allopathic doctors try adding their medicines to Unani medicines. The only way possible is to bring more awareness of Unani practices and pharmacology with sufficient repeatable statistical data approved by well known drug regulatory authorities. Once presented in their language (I think it is already happening), it will help allopathic doctors understand the Unani medicines and the reasons behind their effectiveness. Same is true for homeopathy. I would suggest offering special courses (6-12 months) of Unani medicine to allopathic doctors and vice versa and let them decide who would like to benefit and practice. Once they start seeing the benefits, it will become word of mouth than compulsion. Btw here in the US, some allopathic doctors do suggest trying herbal formulations if they have enough good reviews.

    1. More than 375 singular herbal medicines and approximately 300 compound preparations are taught to B.U.M.S students.Practicals are pivotal,especially in the second and third professional years.Modern medicine is already included in the syllabus of B.U.M.S (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery).Synopsis includes-terminologies,classification and allied fields of Pharmacology,routes of drug administration,mode of action,doses,side-effects,therapeutic uses,absorption,fate and excretion of drugs.Detailed classification of antibiotics and various drugs used in infections and infestations.Drugs acting on CNS (central nervous system),CVS (cardio-vascular system),respiratory system,gastro-intestinal tract,genito-urinary system,musculo-skeletal system,endocrine system,etc.Drugs in neoplastic disorders (anticancer drugs),emergency medicine,anti-allergics,vaccines,immunoglobulins and immunosuppressants and detailed classification of anaesthetics.

  3. Unani doctors and hakeems are same ? ?

  4. It is difficult to say,'Yes' or 'No' in response to the above question.A 'Hakeem' or 'Tabeeb' is someone having knowledge of Hikmat or Tib.The knowledge maybe gained through years of diligent study,research and clinical experience.But the basis of knowledge is not well-defined or confirmed.It leads to scepticism about the skills and wisdom of the Unani practitioner.In order to curb malpractices by some 'healers' the Govt.of India established Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM).It has laid down strict guidelines for practitioners.Registration with CCIM is a prerequisite for private practice.CCIM prepared a uniform syllabus for B.U.M.S (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery) course which was made mandatory in all Govt.and private Unani medical colleges throughout India in year 2003.After completion of B.U.M.S course Unani doctors can apply for registration with AYUSH Deptt.and after completion of registration process they can start their private clinical practice or apply for Govt.job.The Unani doctors also have the opportunity to pursue post-graduation (MD/MS) in their chosen field or do their independent research.The Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM) has an appreciable role in the promotion of Unani medicine.It publishes research work by eminent Unani physicians from time-to-time.Indians who are in search of more information can subscribe to their monthly journal/newsletters to update themselves about recent advancements in the field of Unani Medicine.

  5. Thanks a lot, I heard first time something like this about unani medicine.
    keep it up

  6. Now a days in Medical Era the combination of Unani system with Allopathic is an essential requirement and the same was suggested by you.........
    So, Yes, I agree with you Dr.Sahiba ......No doubt the two system of medicine if work hand in hand then really it will prevent from thousands of life threatening diseases.
    And in some cases it will show faster recovery as compared to Allopathic treatment.
    And I also appreciate your point that these two system must go together and work in a co-operative manner to achieve the aim of medical profession and for saving lives; that is the victory of health care industry over diseases.

  7. Thanks for your support.I want to stimulate the interest of people in Unani System of Medicine.Inspite of cogent health benefits,it is yet to discover its full potential in the Govt.and private health sector.It is just a small effort to create awareness among patients,as they are usually left without a choice of alternative treatment.


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