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How to Look younger in old age - Exercise Prevents Muscle Aging and atrophy

You must be familiar with the many leading celebrities of the world and you must be wondering why they are not getting old, how they look so younger in old age. Especially Male celebrities of today's era. There physique and muscles look and feel younger as compared to their age.
Scientist discovered the secret behind it.
University of Illinois researchers found out that an adult stem cell is present in muscle and this stem cell is responsive to exercise, a discovery that may provide a link between exercise and muscle health. This stem cell has the ability to regenerate the injured and aged muscle cell. These findings could lead to new therapeutic techniques using these cells to rehabilitate the injured muscle and prevent or even restore muscle loss that normally occurs with age.
Now the question is "how exercise prevent muscle ageing.
Mesenchymal Stem cells have been known to be present in the skeletal muscles and are responsible for minor repairs on the injuries which result from injections and chemical.
Now, Exercise also causes a kind of minor injury to the muscles as a result of the mechanical strain of heavy exercise on the muscles. Scientists believe that these mesenchymal stem cells accumulate in the affected muscle area and take part in regeneration and adaptation of muscle. Adaptation is a process in which in response to mechanical strain (as occur in body-building exercise) muscle increase in size to minimize the effects of strain next time.
These mesenchymal cells do not produce muscle cells by themselves. Instead, these stem cells release a large number of growth factors which in turn stimulate muscles cell regeneration.  Now scientist wonder that a large number of growth factors which are being released by stem cells improve only muscle health or they also take part in the improvement of the health of the whole body. Because obviously these growth factors would also be absorbed by the blood and there are high chances of their effect on other body parts such as bones etc.
Scientist are now trying to answer these questions and research is going on.
But whatever the results of that research would be. Scientist are sure that exercise and proper diet is the key to younger and healthier looks.

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