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Clinical Case - Old Lady With Severe Chest Pain

Play the following flash file and read the clinical scenario and make your probable diagnosis and discuss it by posting comments below ( scroll down ).
Question is:
A 65 year old lady with no known pre-morbids presented in ER with severe central chest pain for 3 hours radiating to left arm. Following ECG (play flash file) changes were noted. What is the most likely diagnosis & what further steps would you like to take to confirm the diagnosis? 
For rest of details Play the following Flash Video: You can either click on the buttons to move the slides or you can simply click on a slide to move to the next slide. We hope that you will find this video informative and helpful.


  1. thanks a lot for this informative case. I leaned something new.
    thanks and keep it up.

  2. Thankyou sir Tayyab for such a detailed explanation

  3. interesting case: thanks a lot


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