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Classification Of Breast Tumors - Breast Cancer - Breast Carcinoma

 Classification Of Breast Tumor/Cancer/Carcinoma

Breast cancer arises in its ducts and glandular stroma. It is the number one cause of cancer deaths in females.

Classification Of Breast Tumors:
1. Benign Tumors:

a) Adenoma
        i) Tubular adenoma
       ii)  Lactating adenoma

b) Fibroadenoma
        i) Intercanalicular fibroadenoma
       ii) Pericanalicular fibroadenoma
      iii) Giant cell fibroadenoma

c) Papilloma
        i) Intraductal papilloma

d) Benign Soft Tissue Tumor

2. Malignant Breast Tumors

a) Non-Invasive / Non-Infiltrative Tumors.
        i) Intraductal papillary carcinoma
       ii)  Lobular in situ carcinoma

b) Invasive / Infiltrative Tumors
        i) Intraductal invasive carcinma
       ii) Scirrhoas carcinoma
      iii) Lobular invasive carcinoma
      iv) Medullary carcinoma
       v) Mucinous ( Colloid ) carcinoma
      vi) Paget's disease
     vii) Invasive papillary carcinoma
    viii) Adenoid cystic carcinoma
     ix) Secretory carcinoma
     x) Apocrine Carcinoma
    xi) Mixed Carcinoma

2) Epithelial and Fibrous Tissues Tumors
      i) Carcinosarcoma
     ii) Phylloid tumors
    iii) Fibroadenoma

3) Secondary Tumors

4) Unclassified Tumors

5) Tumor Like Lesions
       i) Gynaecomastia
      ii) Duct ectasia
     iii) Cysts etc.

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