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Bannu Medical College Has Been Recognized By PMDC

After a long time, at last

PMDC recognized Bannu Medical College Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan For admission of 100 students.
It was decided in a meeting held at PMDC headquarter Islamabad on 22 December, 2011.$$
BMC recognized by PMDC
Bannu Medical College

Students of Bannu Medical college struggled a lot to get this good news. The pioneer batch of Bannu medical college motivated all the students of BMC to fight for their right. They called a strike on May 13, 2010, which last for almost 6 months. Students protested in street. They marched and made the officials to give a full ear to their problems, the officials put their head down before the determinant students of BMC and sent secretary health KPK to collect data on requirements necessary for recognition.
The government appointed teachers and fulfilled the necessities and on 12th may 2011 PMDC visited Bannu Medical college for inspection and On 22 December 2011 finally PMDC awarded recognition to Bannu Medical college.
Congratulation to all BMCites. :
Notification By PMDC Of Bannu medical college recognition
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