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Nicotinic acid ( Niacin, Nicobid, Nicolar), Mechanism Of Action, Therapeutic Uses, Side effects

Nicotinic acid ( Niacin ) (brand names: Nicobid, Nicolar)
Mechanism Of Action
At higher doses, Nicotinic acid decrease lipolysis in the peripheral tissues, it also inhibits synthesis and esterification of fatty acids in the liver. and therefore it decreases lipid level in blood.

Therapeutic Uses:
At higher doses, it is used in hyperlipidemia
at lower doses, it used as a vitamin and in the treatment of Pellagra

Adverse Effects:
flushing, itching or burning sensation in the skin can be decreased by taking aspirin 30 minutes before taking nicotinic acid because it is mediated by prostaglandins and histamine and aspirin inhibit prostaglandin synthesis. 
it also disturbs hepatic metabolism and may result in hyperglycemia, increased transaminases activity. It may cause GIT disturbances and peptic ulcer. Its renal side effects include elevated uric acid and macular oedema.

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