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Complications And Treatment Of Detached Retina / Retinal Detachment - Separation Of Retina

Complications Of Detached Retina.
1. Total Retinal Detachment may occur
2. Proliferative vitreoretinopathy
3. Complicated Cataract
4. Chronic Uveitis
5. Phthisis bulbi may occur.

Treatment of Detached Retina.
The mainstay of treatment is to approximate and adhere to the torn part of the retina to the area of choroid by exciting aseptic inflammation of choroid.
following methods are used.
1. Photocoagulation:
2. Cryosurgery: It is done to seal the retinal breaks by causing tissue necrosis.
3. Scleral Buckling
4. Drainage of subretinal fluid
5. Pars Plana Vitrectomy: It breaks the tractional fibrous band in the vitreous, thus releasing the pull on the retina in cases of tractional retinal detachment. 
6. Pneumoretinopexy: Air or other suitable gas such as SF6 or silicon oil is used as a vitreous substitute to produce internal tamponade which pushes the retina back to its position.
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