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MacConkey's Medium:

1. Nutrient agar
2. Bile salt (sodium taurocholate)
3. Lactose
4. Neutral red (indicator)

Petri dish

Transparent, reddish brown or pink color

Solid medium.

Micro-organism cultured?

It is used for:
1. growth and isolation of bacteria of family enterobacteriacae and to differentiate between lactose fermenters, non lactose fermenters and late lactose fermenters.

Lactose Fermenters: form pink colonies, for example; E. coli, Klebsiella species, Enterobacter species
Non-lactose fermenters: from colorless colonies, for example, shigella species except shigella sonnie, salmonella species, proteus species and pseudomanas species.
Late lactose fermenters: form pink colonies after 2-3 days of inoculation. for example, vibro cholera, serratia, citrobacter, shigella sonnei.

Important Culture Media:

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