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Mantoux Test-(Tuberculin Test)-Procedure and Results of Mantoux Test

What is Mantoux or tuberculin Test.
It is a hypersensitivity test for early diagnosis in the non immunized patient of tuberculosis.

In previously infected person, Sensitized T cells to Mycobacteria antigens are present. when purified protein derivatives are introduced intradermally, a hypersensitivity reaction takes place which confirms the previous infection.

0.1 ml of PPD (purified protein derivative) is injected intradermally, and induration, erythema and edema develops in 24 - 48 hours, in infected patients.


  1. If induration is 15 mm or more in non risked individual it is considered positive.
  2. If induration is 10 mm it is considered positive only in high risked individuals for example mall nourished, weak and in endemic area.
  3. Induration of 5 mm is considered positive in individuals of AIDS and in immunocompromised persons.

False Positive Test:
Vaccination with BCG.

False Negative Test.
means Mantoux test is negative in the presence of TB.
1. Measles
2. Hodgkin's disease
3. Sarcoidosis
4. Immunodeficiency States
5. Immunosuppressive Therapy.
6. Overwhelming TB.

Treatment And Prevention Of Tuberculosis (TB)

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