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Home Stomach Acidity Treatment - Home Treatment for Heart Burn and Stomach Acidity


Acidity is an unpleasant disorder characterized by heartburn, pain in epigastrium, apprehension, soreness in mouth, regurgitation, bad breath smell. Various medications are available to treat it.
Most of the traditional pills, liquids and tablets for alleviating acidity will be distasteful to ingest and often may not work effectively.
Luckily, eating cucumber (kheeraa) will help you in alleviating acidity in a most natural and effective way.
Follow the following recipe of making cucumber beneficial for your stomach.
Always look out for fresh cucumbers that have dark-green coloured skin without any black or yellow spots and the flesh is solid all through the length. If the cucumber stem is light-green, yellow or dried up then it lacks freshness. Also if the diameter of the cucumber is too big, it is over seasoned and contains a large seed in the middle.
Wash the cucumber and chop out into slices of about 1/4th inch thick. Eating 2 slices of this for every 2 hours alleviates acidity. You can also eat the cucumber slices more or less based on the sternness of your acidity symptoms.
If you want to store the cucumber for a long time, then retain the skin and seeds of it in order to maintain its nutrients, fibre and most importantly freshness.
Revamp the cucumber by blending it with few other ingredients that help in alleviating acidities such as raw garlic, yoghurt, mint, carrots or cottage cheese.

You can formulate any type of Greek cucumber sauce by using a cup of yoghurt, half of the grated cucumber along with fresh garlic, pepper and salt to taste. You can use this sauce with salads, sandwiches, meats with your daily meal in order to evade acidity.
Always make use of grated or sliced cucumbers in salads, but make sure that you do not use much amount of vinegar in the toppings as this will nullify the effects of cucumber on surplus acid.

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