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Health Benefits Of Almonds ( Badaam ) - Nutritional Components (value) Of Almonds (Badaam)


Almond is amongst the healthiest nuts available, it is rich in important and most useful nutrients. Moreover, it is rich in good essential fatty acid which helps to fight against various diseases
- Nutritional Value Of Almond (Badaam) - 
Nutrient            Value
Potassium            257.4 mg
Phosphorous    168.6 mg
Calcium            91.8 mg
Vitamin A            0.34 IU
Vitamin B1    0.03 mg
Vitamin B2    0.3 mg
Vitamin B3    1.4 mg
Vitamin E            9 mg
Folate            11.39 mcg
Iron                    1.6 mg
Manganese    0.09 mg
Magnesium    98.7 mg
Zinc                    1.22 mg
Molybdenum    10.2 mg
Selenium            0.98 mg

Health Benefits OF Almond: 

  1. Almonds contain beneficial compounds like vitamin E and A these nutrients make skin beautiful and healthy.
  2. compounds like zinc and vitamin A are good for hair growth.
  3. Zinc is used in medicine to treat oligospermia. (low sperm Count)
  4. Compounds like selenium, vitamin A and C have antioxidant property. Therefore they help to delay ageing.
  5. Almonds help to decrease blood pressure in hypertensive patients.
  6. Almonds contain unsaturated essential fatty acids which are good for the body especially for the cardiovascular system.
  7. High quantity of unsaturated fatty acids helps to decreases bad cholesterol level in blood.
  8. Researchers found Almonds useful in diabetes and heart diseases.
  9. Almonds are natural multivitamin drugs. They are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  10. Almonds intake in pregnancy decreases the risk of birth defects in the fetus.
  11. Intake of Almonds prevents constipation and colon cancer.
  12. Almonds help to reduce weight.


  1. A really informative post and appreciate your work of sharing the information. The best dry fruit that I like is Almond and have it on a regular basis.
    Thanks fr the information and keep sharing.


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