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Lemon Juice helps to kick Kidney Stones Away - Study

Kidney Stones truly are one of the most painful health problems on earth. This disabling illness sends tens of thousands to the Emergency Room in excruciating pain each year. But recent research clearly said that drinking a small amount of Lemon Juice every day is an effective way to prevent these painful stones from ever having to happen in the first place.

Moreover, Lemon juice is very good for our skin, it contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which is a very good antioxidant and is required for collagen synthesis (collagen is a protein required for the synthesis of connective tissue) it gives the skin a healthier look and delays ageing.

One of the worst pains that anyone can ever imagine is a kidney stone. Women who have experienced both natural childbirth and kidney stones say that the pain of having a kidney stone is far worse. And it is far scarier because it comes on so suddenly, without prior warning and seemingly no reason why it is happening. Without knowing what is going on, this frightening experience has nearly anyone who experiences it going to the emergency room within minutes believing that they are dying.

Yet as painful as one is, it is simply a tiny crystal the size of a grain of sand or smaller that has lodged in the urinary outlet that causes so much pain. However, the vast majority of stones actually pass out of the body on their own whether medical treatment is given or not. Once someone has had a kidney stone, the probability of getting another is almost Fifty per cent and some people get several in their lifetime.

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