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Increase Muscles Size-Body Building Tips-Gain Muscles Weight

Exercise like Aerobics help to lose weight by burning fat tissue and this is an effective way of losing weight and gaining skin tone. Moreover Aerobics;

  • strengthen your heart muscle
  • Lower down your cholesterol level
  • prevent you from diseases like hypertension, stroke and Heart diseases.
Therefore Aerobics is an effective way of losing weight and gaining skin tone.

Another way of losing weight is to gain muscle weight. (this is especially important for males). Muscle mass can be increased by doing heavy weight lifting exercises. 
Our Muscles have the special adapting ability. In Heavy exercises, our muscles contract strongly to lift heavy weight. Our body will try to make that lift easier next time by increasing the muscle mass provided that the raw materials (proteins and vitamins) are available in sufficient amount. Hence the muscle fibres will increase in number and you will have to increase the weight gradually in order to increase the muscle mass more.

Effect of Muscle Mass On Body Fat

During heavy exercise Muscle use glucose as a source of energy. But when muscles are at rest they can use both fats and glucose for their energy production. Well-developed muscles will use a greater amount of fats when they will be at rest. hence, with the passage of time, the muscles will consume all the extra fats and will give you a perfect body shape.

Take Proper Diet. in order to gain muscle mass, you have to add more proteins and fruits in your diet. 
protein will provide amino acids to the body and fruits will provide essential minerals and vitamins to the body for building muscles. Moreover, don't forget carbohydrates, they are essential to building stamina and endurance. Therefore you must add some amount of carbohydrates also. 

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